Contrary to misconceived views held by supporters of President Buhari that nobody would oust the incumbent in the 2019 presidential polls, a Europe based Nigerian business mogul and philanthropist, Dennis Yillah, has posited that the PDP flagbearer and former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, is a far better presidential material than Buhari in all ramifications.

In a statement issued by Yillah Foundation and signed by the founder himself, the business magnet maintained that the blatant falsehood peddled about Buhari’s integrity, which was his selling point in the 2015 polls, is no longer marketable, as Nigerians have now discerned that Buhari was nothing more than a wolf in sheep clothing.

“As a successful businesman with over 300,000 employees in his various companies across Nigeria, Atiku has proven his economic prowess. He is imbued with the requisite intellectual wherewithal to navigate Nigeria out of the current economic doldrums the Buhari led APC government has plunged us into since coming on board some 3 years ago”, the statement said.

According to him, it is unapologetically defeatist that after over 3 years in power, the APC government has not recorded any remarkable feat upon which they could convince Nigerians to reelect them, but instead, they embarked on wild goose chase, branding every opponents of the president as corrupt, while shamelessly indulging in self glorification, not minding the monumental sleaze being perpetrated under Buhari’s watch.

While congratulating Atiku for emerging victorious at the PDP National Convention held in Port Harcourt, Rivers state last weekend, Yillah opined that what Atiku needed now to perfect his awaiting victory at the 2019 polls, is the choice of a competent running mate that would add flavour to the PDP ticket. He said that the choice of a tested egghead from the South East as Atiku’s vice would put paid to the APC maladministration in Nigeria, which has shoved the nation to the precipice.

He eulogized the other aspirants for keeping faith with PDP, despite their unsuccessful outing at the primary. According to him, such rare display of sportsmanship was a needed impetus to galvanize the party to electoral victory.

He challenged those calling Atiku a corrupt politician to petition the antigraft agency with any evidence of corruption against the former Vice President for possible prosecution, or they should forever keep their peace. Adding that Nigerians would tolerate no further blame games and baseless name calling by the Buhari administration as the basis for its failure.

“Any responsible and responsive government would have put the nation on the pathway to progress and development in three years, given the support and goodwill enjoyed by the Buhari government from inception”, the statement said. Positing that Buhari has squandered the goodwill of Nigerians, and now wallows in self adulation.

He enjoined Nigerians at home and diaspora to support the main opposition party in whatever means legal to wrestle power from the APC, comes 2019 general elections.



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