Here comes an underground gospel Song Writer, Singer, and a   Rapper Mista Val. Have been into Music right from the year 2008, was into secular music but quited for Gospel in the year 2013, from then has not released any single, album, or a demo. Mista Val’s full name is Gotar Rotgak Caleb, Ngas by Tribe from Amper District of Kanke LGA plateau state, Val have for years left his fans in a dark cloud suspense for six years until this year 2019, He intends to soon drop his album, which a scratch of the project is his first heart piercing single titled “struggle” which has been in anticipation for long. First Single Dropping Date: 10th March, 2019. The song is titled struggle because of the life experiences of the Musical general in question Mista Val who has passed through various stages of challenges in life and have through the help of God gotten to the very stage he is at now which is serving God with his talent and the calling of God upon his life. Mista Val loves writing, singing, reading, and he is a guitarist. Mista Val‘s Alma mata is Gonerit Memorial College Tuwan of kanke LGA plateau state. He is an NCE holder from FCE Pankshin and he will soon be in his final year August of 2019, studying Bachelor of Art in Divinity at the most prestigious Gindiri Theological Seminary (GTS) an  affiliate of University of Jos. Mista Val‘s motivation to dropping this for long anticipating single “STRUGGLE” is from his reason to appreciate God for adding another year to his years. Mista Val‘s birthday the year 2019 is 10th March and his single “STRUGGLE” will be dropped that day. The song and the lyrics will soon be uploaded, Mista Val‘s full biography will soon be on the net carrying his phone number, email address, Instagram details, and other relevant information. Make sure you get to download Mista Val‘s birthday drop, the single “STRUGGLE” a recommended song for all those who know good music. A heart piercing good gospel music.





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